Node.JS – just starting out

Pretty excited. I heard about node.js about two years at Web Directions South. It was just starting to get coverage and a very small group of supporter were excited. The excitement in me died prematurely as I realised at that time hosting of node.js was going to a be pain. Now times have changed and it looks like everyone is into node.js. This weekend I am going to start learning it by reading the book Jump Start Node.js by Don Nguyen, on SitePoint. I will post a follow-up to what I think of the book.

From chapter 1, node.js:

  • Is fast – really fast
  • Works on both the front and back-end
  • Is non-blocking
  • Theoretically will scale beyond your operating system
  • Is event driven
  • Can be accessed in Command line / Terminal RPEL
  • With Express a quick app is built
  • MongoDB is used for a signin form

It is a great start to node.js. You get a feel that it is something that is complex, but has a lot of upside. Obviously the ‘Hello World’ app is super complex compare to PHP’s. Though I would say the abstraction of the server is why PHP’s one is so simple. You see that the author has missed using sudo when running one of the commands, and some of the steps are hidden in the middle of a big text-block. It is a good start just a few small sloppy errors.  All in all I am excited to get started with node.js.